Why become an Air Sponge dealer?

Because we understand the shift in the air – literally! Your customers are breathing, living, and seeking healthier indoor environments. With our filter's ability to purify 100% of circulating air, their quest could be over!

When you become an Air Sponge Dealer, we help you every step of the way - from manufacturing to private labeling to dropshipping directly to your customers. All you need to do is spread the word to your customers, and we handle the rest.

  • Custom-Sized Frames & Air Filter Media
  • No Investment & Recurring Revenue
  • 24/7 Online Ordering - Ships in 24-48 hours

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Why become an Air Sponge Dealer?

Aside from increased customer satisfaction, here are a few perks of working with us.

A One-Stop Shop

We provide manufacturing, dropshipping, and private labeling on the frame so your customers can call you for all of their reorders.

Recurring Revenue

Because Air Sponge filters use a permanent, 100% aluminum alloy frame with replaceable media, your customers will call you directly for refills year after year.

Quick Delivery

Once you get your order in, we get everything shipped out between 24-48 hours. The best part? We dropship directly to your customers.

Cardboard is Simply Not Our Style

Cardboard filters aren't doing your customers any favors. Air will always take the path of least resistance, meaning that it will usually bypass the filter completely. We innovated against this issue by creating an aluminum filter frame with our patented Leak-Guard Seal, which forces all of the air to go through the filter, instead of around it.

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Introducing the HealthSmart Air Filter

The HealthSmart air filter is custom-sized to the exact size your customer requires, for a perfect fit every time.

Customers can choose from 4 different high-efficiency filter materials, which they must replace every 30-90 days (depending on the material type).

On the back of the frame, we have attached our patented Leak Guard Seal. This seal prevents any air bypass, which forces 100% of the air to be filtered.

  • Custom-Sized Aluminum Frames & 4 Types of High-Efficiency Filter Media (MERV 7-14)
  • Customers Replace Filter Media Every 30-90 Days
  • Leak-Guard Seal Prevents Air Bypass, Keeping Your Customers Happy

Interested in Working with Us?

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